Wagan 12V Impact Wrench 2257

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Wagan 2257 12V Impact Wrench

Wagan 2257 12V Impact Wrench Rating:
List Price: $59.95
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Product Description

Use the 12V Impact Wrench to quickly and easily loosen and tighten vehicle lug nuts for tires. Keep it in your trunk for roadside emergencies to ensure you will always be prepared.

Simply plug it into the 12V DC cigarette lighter plug in your vehicle to operate. It uses low power and does not require alligator clamps to the battery to use.

The 12v Impact Wrench is packed in a convenient plastic carrying case, so it is protected and all the included accessories stay in one place so they don’t get misplaced. Included accessories: 2 double socket wrenches, 17/19 mm and 21/23 mm, plus more 2 spare fuses.

The 12v Impact Wrench is also packed with several useful features. Hold on tight to the unit’s rubberized texture grip and take a quick glance at the built-in bubble level on the top to hold it straight and steady to use on your tires’ lug nuts. Use the forward/reverse switch to fasten and unfasten tires’ lug nuts. The unit’s 11.4 ft. DC power cord is long enough to be reach all 4 tires of your vehicle. LED power indicator turns on when the unit is in use.

Additional specs: 8A amperage draw, 5000 RPM max. no load speed, 271 ft/lb. max. torque, 93 watt consumption, 83 dB sound pressure level, 94dB acoustic power level, and ½” square retainer diameter.

Wagan Corp. has been a leading developer and manufacturer of high-tech automotive and travel electronics for over 30 years. Wagan Corp. has been at the forefront of industry leading innovations and technology for the mobile lifestyle. Wagan Tech has made cutting-edge advancements in several product categories. Stay powered and connected on the road with Wagan Tech.

All Wagan products include at least a 1 year warranty.


  • Loosen and tighten vehicle lug nuts for tires
  • Keep in your trunk for emergencies
  • Includes plastic carrying case, 2 double socket wrenches (17/199 mm & 21/23 mm) and 2 spare fuses
  • Features include - bubble level, LED light, and forward/reverse switch
  • 11.4 feet DC power cord

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